Happy Day Farm is committed to providing all natural, antibiotic-free and hormone-free Grass fed and finished Angus beef.  Our cattle are raised on pasture while the grass is green using rotational grazing and sustainable farming practices. They have access to fresh clean water, trace minerals. they are never fed grain .  The beef is humanely slaughtered and butchered under USDA supervision, dry-aged for seven to ten days, double wrapped, labeled with the cut and weight, and frozen.

Grass fed Beef... Why?

Grass Fed: Cows are conceived to only eat grass and the leaves from trees and shrubs present in a pasture.

No Hormones: Hormones are used by the commodity beef producers to speed up the growth of their cows.

No GMO's: By not feeding grains we avoid having to feed our cows GMO’s. This is impossible for the commodity beef producers.

No Grains: As ruminants, cows aren’t well suited to digest grains. Feeding it to them disrupts their digestive system.

 We are now licensed to sell our beef by the cut or pound directly from the farm.

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