Happy Day Farm is committed to providing all natural, antibiotic-free and hormone-free grassfed Angus beef.  Our Angus cattle are raised on pasture while the grass is green using rotational grazing and sustainable farming practices. They have access to fresh clean water, trace minerals, and are fed hay during the winter months – they are never fed grain .  The beef is humanely slaughtered and butchered under USDA supervision, dry-aged for seven to ten days, double wrapped, labeled with the cut and weight, and frozen.

Grassfed Beef... Why?

all natural - naturally & humanely raised

high in omega 3 fatty acids

high in cancer-fighting conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

lower in cholesterol & saturated fat than grain-fed beef

We are butchering fall of 2017.  We are taking orders for quaters, halves and whole beeves.  

For avaliability and pricing please email milk49807@gmail.com or call us at the farm 906.420.4331


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